vlog 1 | what’s a birthMonth?

Last month was a month full of ERGO posts in response to a challenge from our lovely friend, Miss Mandy Mac, for her 30th birthday.
Well, this month is the Taminator’s birthmonth, so in honor of her loveliness, this month will be a month of 30 second vlogs in honor of the thirty days of the Taminator’s birthmonth! These vlogs will be 30 seconds or less and will answer a question either sent via e/m or on a post.

What does this have to do w/ you?
Well…you can either answer the question in your comment or submit another question…or, like a majority of you, just read and walk…whatever.

So, here’s the first question, which I received from the Taminator today in response to the happy birthmonth e/m I sent her….

Does that mean I get to celebrate every day in November??

i.e….what is a birthMonth?


22 thoughts on “vlog 1 | what’s a birthMonth?

  1. You are FREAKING HILARIOUS… background music was perfect. 🙂

    I have a feeling Tam’s birth month (translation: month of her birth) will be a gift to laughter everywhere…

  2. oh sara, i’m so glad you incorporated the translation afforded to you via this vlog. Had you not, I’m sure we could have confused some fellow bloggers! So glad. so glad.
    We aim to please here at me.com. we aim to please.
    [we also repeat statements frequently for effect, but sometimes it get’s out of hand. out. of. hand.]

  3. if it’s Tams birthmonth it’s my birthmonth too! Our birthdays are RIGHT next to eachothers. Although she is much older. 😯

    Don’t tell her I said that. K? 😉

    That video cracked me up and I was thinking “okay, is that REALLY Cathi talking? Why yes! Yes it is!” 😆

  4. awww Tam is getting older….. but doesn’t look it…

    hmmmm… I wonder what fountain of youth that she is drinking/slurping/ lapping out of?? Because I am so buying a ticket!!!

  5. lapping out of? thats funny Heidi!

    bran-muffin – watch it lil lady!

    i have a q…does toilet water swoosh the opposite direction down under in australia?

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  7. Oh ladies!!! Had I known this was a November full of anniversaries of wonderful births of wonderful people?!?!?! Only had i known! Let’s just pretend that I did and this vlog challenge is in honor of you too! No wonder november is such a beautiful month…if only it’s birthstone was as beautiful. hmm.

    Heidi…i think that might be why she’s asking about aulstralia’s toilets. just maybe.

    I’m glad to see you’re back, miss melissa! I’ve missed your sweet face! we like to smile around here. I’ve been much less serious as of late…I might just keep it that way for a while. we’ll see what the river brings…

  8. Yea, not that you would have forgotten, but my b-day is BEFORE Tam’s:) 11th…yes mam’ born on the 11th month the 11th day at 11:57pm..yep.
    And I’ll be 28…wow.

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