vlog 4 | would a wha???

thanks to miss sara for today’s vlog challenge contribution…

Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?


12 thoughts on “vlog 4 | would a wha???

  1. I may be biased, but that one was BY FAR the funniest!!! I was good until you started giggling…

    Infectious, woman. In.fec.tious.

    In case you’re wondering… you’ve made my life MUCH more interesting!!!


    BTW, I think you could have been on to something when you started distinguishing female woodchucks … odds are they work more efficiently… and if they’re cute, they can be quite distracting…

    I’ve heard some of those woodchucks can be quite the hoochie mamas…

  2. I was just about to respond to you Cath, with a version of
    “Yo momma…”
    but after an entire night of election coverage it just sounds entirely too much like “Obama.”

    Which in turn leads to these questions for you:

    The “Big O” everyone used to refer to was orgasm.
    Then the “Big O” was a term coined for Oprah.
    Now, tonight, I heard the “Big O” referred to as Obama.

    Are we supposed to ignore the overlap? Are we supposed to rename Oprah? What, guru Cathi, are we supposed to do?

    Come on, “Big C”… we need a vlog about it…

  3. ok. ive recovered now from seeing ty.

    why does “colonel” have an “L” in it? seriously. so confusing. actually. the “o”s dont belong either.

  4. ha, Brandy, yeah…i contemplated showing my face, but it was “one of those days”. I couldn’t find my “good side”.

    Sara, that bit was hilarious! You know, my niece continually refers to Obama as “Rebock YoMamma”…the best part is, she really thinks that’s his name. poor thang.
    Now about the “big O”…we’ll have to fly that one by my slice…we’ll see…

    Lece, I’m so glad I make your heart happy…b/c when alece has a happy heart, we know starbucks is somewhere close!

    Mandy…uh, let’s just say that mark said I should have posted a “b-roll” of all of the out takes…except there were too many swear words in the midst…ooops!


  5. lece…i know, muffin face…we can at least drink out of one of your mugs and call it a day.

    becca…i know, i know. I feel as though that is a common quandary around these parts. That’s ok though…corporate confusion leads to many people standing around saying, “huh” in unison…it can be fun sometimes.

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