vlog 11 | Veteran’s Day 2008

my regrets for a weekend of no vlogs – we’re closing in on the end of the semester, where cathi and multitasking are in quite the opposition with one another.

I have a few videos ready, but in honor of Veteran’s Day, today’s vlog is a tribute to our veterans and their families.

No worries…the vlog challenge will be back in full force [feel free to submit more questions, for I like to be ahead of the game], but for now, here’s to our nation’s heroes.


9 thoughts on “vlog 11 | Veteran’s Day 2008

  1. Perfect vlog. My friend’s husband was in Iraq for almost 2 years with the Guard… her strength for him and their daughter was amazing. The process of stepping up and being everything for her family, and then figuring out how to step back and give him his role in the family when he came back… took strength, courage and compassion. True colors show during those times and hers were bright.

  2. Are you gonna double back and do vlogs 6-10???
    Just askin.

    And what do you do in your spare time?

    And do you prefer summers or winters…. Or falls in New England? 😉

    And – have you ever climbed a mountain?

    that is all

  3. sara…look for an e/m response from me on this one…that comment was 110% amazing!

    mandy mac…i know – this stegall is missing her some kristi right about now! and you’re right, I need to do some “double-back”…maybe during thanksgiving break. I’m still swimming in the sea of papers crying for a life boat made of chocolate!
    btw…i love the questions…those will most definitely be incorporated this month, most definitely!!!

  4. hi daddy! and you’re very welcome…even though it was completely unintentional! 😉

    oh mandy mac…you catch me in the act all the time! I should watch my back more often. wow. that really sounds bad. the act of metaphors, people!

    markley…i’m swimming in some soy milk and cheerios right now…

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