vlog 12 | if you were an elephant…

i summoned the expertise of my little peace pie of a niece to help answer the vlog challenge question from miss mandy mac

if you were an elephant, what kind of elephant would you be???


4 thoughts on “vlog 12 | if you were an elephant…

  1. OH! That little bug is precious. C.U.T.E. Love the little tongue noise she makes before she answers “a tiny one.”

    I want to go Skype all 10 of my nieces and nephews now and see if they’ve grown. And ask them what kind of elephant they would be.

    Sadly, that probably wouldn’t even startle them if I asked them that question out of the blue. They’ve indulged their crazy aunt for years…

  2. AWWW!!!!

    And would you believe that I was facetiously asking that one. I wasn’t going for an actual answer, because I didn’t know there were different kinds of elephants!

    Good to know there are tiny ones.
    And then I guess there are white ones…

    And probably big ones.

    I miss your face. Come hang out with me.

  3. would you rather 5 boys or 5 girls for kids? and what would you name them?


    have fun with that.


    im with mandy. i miss your face too. like…a ton-o-bunch!

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