vlog 14 | jelly side down?



And today’s proposed question comes from one of the most influential men in my life…my dad, aka “daddy dear darling”.

Why does bread always fall jelly side down?

you may have noticed that today’s vlog was a fraction longer than 30 seconds…that is my attempt to make up for the previously missed vlogs from this past week…thought it would be my penance of sorts. Restoration Capitalization!


7 thoughts on “vlog 14 | jelly side down?

  1. Hmmmm…

    This roadie feels that to get the true and authentic pb&j experience you must actually have grape jelly join together with your jif peanut butter.

    How can I make such a claim, you ask? Years of experience. Every day when I was little, up until the time I went to 1st grade, I ate only pb&j for lunch. (I had 1/2 day kindergarten in the afternoons so still ate lunch at home with my mom).

    Once I was done with school and have my lunches at home once again, it’s pb&j pretty much every day. I’m a connosuire, if you will. And while I enjoy a nice strawberry jam, peanut butter loves grape. I’ve studied it. And they’re soul mates.

    Maybe your dad’s is landing jelly side down because the pb rejected the strawberry for grape. Just a theory.

    Happy to help. 😉

  2. ^^^ HAHAHA!!! GITZ AND ALECE are funny!

    Could she wear another necklace without her neck snapping in half? I think not.

    Let’s make that a question: Could De-Cath have worn another necklace in this video without her neck snapping in half? hmmmm….

    Ok. seriously. A FRACTION? wow… LOVED IT THOUGH!
    And, the soundtrack was beautiful! 😉

  3. very theological…
    Is the jelly attracted to the floor – or is the floor attracted to the jelly?
    Or is there a mutual attraction..

    very christian indeed…. you invented a new product just based on one theo-illogical question.

    counting down….

  4. all i know, is i want the last pb&j shown in that vlog. wow! that looked so swear word good!

    and thank you for my Happy Birthday! it was the bestest day, like, EV-ERRR!

    love you stegall! and you look HOTT in that vid!

  5. oh sara…we could have an all out debate on that one! An authentic pb&j entails wheat bread, creamy peanut butter and strawberry preserves…all others are counterfeit! I even created a song about said sandwich when i was but 3 years of age! However, since you too, hold a certificate of pb&j prestige from ages past, I’ll consider an agreement to disagree 😉

    hey lece…yeah, multiple necklaces make me feel important. i guess. all other responses to that question don’t make sense…ok, so maybe this one doesn’t either. hmmm.

    mandy mac…good question, but way to difficult to illustrate. and yes, a fraction…it was 3 times longer…i just suck at math, that’s all. 🙂

    ramsey…i so wish i would have thought of that! I need you in my next vlog!!!

    oh jules, you know how much i love my pb&j…and to have it incorporated w/ my theological ideology…well of course! There’s going to be an entire room dedicated to that fetish of mine!

    taminator!!!! I’m so glad you had a fantastic birthday!!! This month is so yours!!!!! and btw…you’re the hottie!

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