vlog weekend version | “spare time”???

and this weekend’s vlog goes to yet another submission from miss mandy mac

And what do you do in your spare time?

i’m considering all proposed questions and allowing moments of creativity to freely flow…although sometimes i get clogged.


14 thoughts on “vlog weekend version | “spare time”???

  1. The biggest question I have while watching this blog is:

    Was your cat in the background washing its face in its spare time, or was the cat fettered by the responsibility of cleaning its face?

    Were you really clogged while you blogged, or were you giving us a subliminal message to say that all spare time that has been occupied by an activity of any sort is no longer spare at all?

    Or have I taken too many narcotics today and I’m the only one who saw the cat? 😯

    I kid. I kid. 😉


  2. ^^ Sara: What cat!?!? 😯

    just kidding.

    So. Um. That was one of the most delightfully dumb things I’ve ever seen…. Maybe because I’m finally in your head enough to appreciate your random and intelligent sense of humor. Your “professor” voice cracks me up every time.

    Q: Did you have to practice and develop your professor voice, or did it come naturally?

    Q: Are we ever gonna get a straight answer to any of these questions? I have to know. And something tells me you might not answer that at all… Why am I even trying?

    Q: Why am I even trying when I know that you are playing with our minds? hmmm….

  3. oh lece…multiple necklaces are one of my favorite fashion statements…what it states, i have no idea…but even today, i’m favoring 5 of them!!!!

    sara…the cat, well, that was einstein…she likes to be the center of attention – she made me do it. as for subliminal messages – nonintentional of course! 😉

    mandy mac…I’m just speaking my mind…it just doesn’t come out so clearly most of the time. however, i love the statement “delightfully dumb”…love it!
    and i’m thinking some of those answers will be more clearly seen as the month proceeds!

    taminator…um…you’re welcome?

  4. Catching up on blogs… loving the videos… awesome! And, I love your accessories in your last two videos. I Christmas shopped early this year, making jewelry the gift of focus. You made glad I did! 🙂

    Fun watching you “live.” Great job! You are beautiful on the inside and out!

    Keep up the great work!


  5. I need to get a necklace…

    Einstein YOU rock!!!

    I like Mandy’s second question too, am I the only blonde in the room that didn’t get the answer?? or was it a subliminal message?!!

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