vlog weekend | winter wonderland


since this week has been full of craziness, cold and a good dose of reality, we’re going back to a video we created at my parent’s house during the ginormous snow storm of last year…enjoy and drink an extra cup of chai for me!


20 thoughts on “vlog weekend | winter wonderland

  1. That was so cute! I love the dog. And, I’m sorry, but that sweet pup was too skinny for winter weather. I wanted to knit her a sweater and a scarf and feed her 1000 calories of something to give her a little meat on her bones for insulation. Brrr….

    First, though, I’d have to learn to knit. Oh, and you’re too skinny for winter weather, too. 😉 [didn’t want you to get a complex] But you had a coat and scarf so I didn’t feel as bad for you.

    Maybe a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich would fatten her up? Just a thought. It seems to be working on me. 😯

  2. ha! Oh sara, you kill me!!!
    My parents did the whole adopt a greyhound deal…you’re right, the pup had it’s racing bod still…she’s a good 10 lbs heavier now…maybe ready for a sequel! As for my complex…you’re WAYYYYY too late for that one! 😉
    and btw…i’m in no way considering a conversion to grape jelly…heresy, I tell you!!!

  3. Can you send me some snow.

    I don’t want to rub it in, but it’s going to be a nice short and flip day of 78 degrees ALL weekend here in San Diego.

    That snow looks incredible. Especially the hot chocolate and the fireplace afterwards right?

    Make my cocoa, not too hot, marshmellows.. (not the big fat ones, the little ones)

    Use the crackling wood would ya??

    (I so miss Oregon winters)

  4. When I left for work the other morning and the temp gauge in my car said it was 27 degrees which is ridiculously cold for South Georgia, I thought that it was just wrong for it to be that cold and not have snow on the ground! I miss snow!

  5. that SO made me wanta be there! i hate being cold and wet…and pushed…BUT i wouldve loved that moment. of course, it would help if life came with a soundtrack too.

    dont you wish a sound track followed you all day long? complete with applause, ooo’s and awww’s and all the best applicable tunes. mmm…fun!

  6. oh ramsey…all i can say is…i’m sorry. 27 degrees is friggin freezing no matter where you are, especially or which language you speak or how fast you run! And for the snow…you can have it…i’ve had my fill!

    kristiness…let’s be friends, k?

    mandy mac…can i tell you that it took an adventure like this to make me love my parent’s dog…she showed her true colors that day! Sho nuff!

    Taminator…you’re more than welcome to come over and play! Our backyard at our house is soooo perfect for building snowmen or snowforts, snow caves or snow cones…bypassing the yellow ones, of course…and the soundtrack of my life right now is instrumental, in a non-traditional kind of way, w/ folk-like spoon percussion, etc! Know that i’m your applause groupie!!!!

  7. I’m having that cup of T right now (Black leaf tea with milk and sugar as the English love to do) 🙂

    I have just whined to Tam that it is too cold here only being 70 degrees predicted – you and Heidi put things into perspective!

    I loved the way your parents’ dog enjoyed herself in spite of the fact that her paws and private parts were pressing against freezing snow!

    That’s the kind of dedication to focussing on what is important in the moment we could all learn from! – Love what you do no matter what the external distractions/disincentives.

    Wrapping up is for wimps! 😉


  8. First let me say that you guys suck at making snowballs. 🙂

    I did love the video, you guys were having sooo much fun, even the greyhound seemed to enjoy the snow.

    Just remember what Frank Zappa wrote, “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow.”

  9. oh love, you always bring a good perspective to the mix! I loved this part: “Love what you do no matter what the external distractions/disincentives.” Beautiful!

    Oh ed…i never claimed having stellar snowball making skills…you know, they even have snowball makers at restoration hardware…I should have splurged and bought one…b/c it’s true…I suck at making snowballs.

  10. Hey, Cath… my dad just noticed the blog roll on my blog and asked me today, “Who’s the girl with the dog in the snow? She’s funny.”

    Thought you’d want to know my pops thinks you’re cool 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving, girlie.

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