vlog 25 | one month count down has begun…

hooray for christmas! I guess it’s turned into a little tradition here at me.com to post this little bit of sufjan stevens christmas cheer on this here blog. So, seeing that I’m wrapping up multiple papers at one time for finals next week instead of wrapping up multiple gifts, treats or smiles, this is the best you’re gonna get for now! Merry Month ‘Till Christmas…deck the halls and deck the angel w/ the cowboy hat…he’s an impersonator, for sure!

We’re following Sufjan’s advice and visiting the grandmother of my hot slice of cheese!

I’d love to hear who you’re visiting for Christmas! Do share…


8 thoughts on “vlog 25 | one month count down has begun…

  1. I am going to Atlanta and spending Christmas with my family. It gets pretty rowdy at times, especially when my over competitive family starts playing Wii while drinking wine!

  2. oooo!! These stegalls LOVE the ATL!!!! My sister lives there…make sure to wave!
    Now as for the competitive nature of your family while intoxicated…well, consider wearing helmets – may save some future headaches.

  3. The only family I have left is my late sister’s five daughters. My nieces now have 14 children between them. I will be visiting them all during the Christmas season.

    I must admit I am not that fond of being around kids, probably why I have none myself 🙂 . The holiday season is one time I like to be with children. I do love watching the joy on their faces when they open presents.

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