vlog 27| nevermind a question, we’re deckin’ the flippin halls

The tradition continues…we decorated the day before thanksgiving…


One of the many bonuses of living in someone else’s house is not only using all of their furniture but also…their PRE-LIT CHRISTMAS TREE! How cool is that?!?! I got to fluff the branches and everything! So, we ran out and bought our own decorations [i saved a whopping $56…take that Santa!].

A video’s a coming where’ you’ll see the three hours of our christmas tradition joy packaged nicely in but 7 minutes!

[you also get a snid-bit of my ocpd traits…i think i rearranged the mantle at least 8 times…wait, maybe 9…]

post-post question: any traditions you’d like to share my fellow christmas elves????


13 thoughts on “vlog 27| nevermind a question, we’re deckin’ the flippin halls

  1. I married into a Mexican family, and one of their traditions although it stems from the Roman Catholic faith, is celebrating the Novena. Between the 12-18. (it celebrates the journey of Mary) The best part of this tradition although very beautiful with candles, prayer beads, and altars inside homes is the homemade tamales.

    Every 3 years or so my husband and I make 24 dozen tamales(288 if you do the math), it’s very expensive and time consuming, but so awesome. A group of friends and us sit around, elbows deep in lard crusted matza and shreeded beef or pork and 1 olive (bearer of good luck, I bet you didn’t know that?!!) in each tamale for taste also. anyways it’s fun.
    We deep freeze dozens with dried ice and mail them off.

    I’m sorry friends…. this is a budget year no tamales.

    But awesome memories. Living here in San Diego, we’ll find some and a beautiful home and watch the faithfulness of older mexican women teaching their younger generation of the beauty of God.

  2. we make german christmas stollen which is mostly a buttery doughy sweet bread with some nuts and fruit in it topped with sugary icing. chad has learned to like it. he tops his with yet again, more butter.

    your tree (their tree) is beautiful! happy t-giving.

  3. Every year on Christmas Eve we get a glass ornament and write the blessings God has given us that year. This year we will add our 13th “Blessing Ornament” to the tree. I love to read them every year when I get them out.

  4. I have 10 nieces and nephews and when they were little we started doing our own nativity play. One of us adults would read the story from the bible and each kid was a character that acted out the part of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, wise men, sheep, etc. We have a beautiful baby Jesus from an old church nativity scene that was being thrown out after the church closed … we started the first year by having the oldest grandchild carry in the baby Jesus, and went in birth order for the next to have their turn. It took ten years but all of them have finally had their “shot.” It is a big honor that they take very seriously… even practicing their procession 🙂

    My oldest nephew is now 17 and it’s getting REALLY hard to keep them participating in some way, but the little ones are still excited about it. We used to make their costumes but the last 5 years or so we just let them raid mom’s closet and make their own costumes. We all found that to be much more entertaining 🙂

    I can’t be home with them at Christmas anymore, but last year they took the webcam and I watched live on Skype. The little turkeys are so darn cute.

  5. looks beautiful!!! brent already kinda commented on the christmas balls. he didnt wanta say the color of them too in the same sentence. but i shall…i think the blue balls look amazing! so much so – we have blue balls too now!

    traditions…we always have playing either Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story, while we’re decorating. it just aint right without those. then from here on, we’ll probably watch Elf too many times!

  6. I have a tradition that I’d like to “share,” but Drew won’t let me… See, he’s all about rules, and I’m all about presents (well, not as much as ONE such person we know).
    Anyway, I just don’t like to wait. I don’t like to stare at the gifts for days and wait to open them. I wanna open them on Christmas eve or something, but Drew WON’T let me.

    So. That’s the tradition I’d really really wanna share in our family, but, well, it ain’t happening.

    Q: What’s the “p” in “ocpd”??? personality?

  7. i can’t say i understand, miss mandy mac, for you know about my love for surprises! However, I say you guys compromise and switch every year…he’ll give in to your sweetness, i’m sure!

    as for the p in ocpd…obsessive compulsive disorder [Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets] is a different diagnosis than obsessive compulsive Personality disorder [Acutely organized and pefectionistic to a fault]…and I, my dear, have some of the great traits of the latter!

  8. we put up the tree and listen to Christmas music on Thanksigiving night every year. Also on Christmas Eve we do communion as a family to take to time to honor and remember what it’s reall all about.

    Your tree is gorgeous!

  9. @Mandy: we ALWAYS opened our gifts on Christmas Eve (I think it was my parents’ way of keeping us awake for Midnight Mass). And then we had our presents from Santa to open on Christmas morning.

    I think you should open Christmas Eve and save one “santa” gift for the morning. Otherwise your kids someday will be confused as to what is from you and what is from santa.

    At least that sounds like a good excuse for opening early. I’m not good at waiting. 🙂

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