vlog 28 | deckin’ the halls Stegall Style…the actual video

So, I didn’t get to post the video of our decorating prowess the other day…mark and I spent the weekend in Canada for our 10 year dating anniversary…so it got put on the back burner.

For your viewing pleasure…


18 thoughts on “vlog 28 | deckin’ the halls Stegall Style…the actual video

  1. Sufjan!
    What a brilliant artist.

    And you, my friend, are a little OCD. It was mildly exhausting just sitting here watching you re adjust the mantle fifty times or so.

    Great job. It looks wonderfully warm.

  2. It looks beautiful!!! And I so get the multiple attempts at the mantle… I have moved the “Joseph” in my nativity scene a smidge to the right and a smidge to the left more times than I can count; depending on where I’m sitting in the room the proximity to the other figurines seems off.

    I know, I may need professional help. Joy to the world anyway 🙂

  3. you know how hard it was for brent to include the word “christmas” in his sentence above. im just sayin. 😕

    i was just afraid you were gonna fall off the arm of the couch. then i wondered. what if the owners watch this and dont want cathi standing on their furniture. THEN i thought…its probably best they dont know what you do on their furniture.

    is that too much?

    delete if you must.

    love you!

  4. I love the tree. Did you guys clean the rug before you even you started?

    I remember when me and my sister put tinsel on our tree. I would very carefully put each individual strand in exactly the right place. My sister would just grab a hand full and throw it on. That would drive me crazy, especially when her spot look better than mine. 🙂

  5. it finally loaded here in africa!

    i raised my eyebrow at all the questionable off-camera time…

    and i can’t help but think that me+mantle would have resulted in similar ocPdness…

  6. Hi. It’s me. I just thought I’d tell you I was here, you know, in case you missed me and maybe wanted to post a video or something. You know, whatever. Not that it matters, except, you know, I’m going through a few withdraws. Nothing major, just shakes and itching and stuff.

    But it’s ok. You can just post whenever you have time.

    It’s Cool. Really.

  7. Shouldn’t you both have been wearing elf hats? and bootees??

    Leave it to love to remember the important stuff – a coupla days too late! 🙂

    The Tree looks Great – and i was thinking exactly the same thing as Brent – and worrying that they would fall off! 😯


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