Fallen off the blog-waggon

I suppose I must provide an explanation or confession, apology, disclosure or even an acknowledgment of my severe absence around me.com…

Here she goes…a friend recently told me this quote…I embody it:

If you want something done, give it to a busy person.

that’s it…that’s the explanation. I’m on winter break…I’m leaving for sunny south florida tomorrow morning at 5:30 am…I will be away from easy access internet until nearly 2009…we may stop at a St. Big Bucks for an intermittent withdrawal assessment…and one of those fine red holiday cups of pure wonder.

there she goes.


20 thoughts on “Fallen off the blog-waggon

  1. Hi Cathi! Great to see some fellow BBCer’s!! I’m glad I found your blog. Hope you’re enjoying break in FL! Adrian and I live in Tampa now, so are enjoying Florida Christmas as well =)

  2. So… this wagon you fell off of. Is it still being repaired or did you break something on the way down off the wagon?

    Just wanted to make sure you weren’t laying by the side of the road somewhere under a wagon, hoping someone comes to rescue you while we’re all just sitting here waiting for you to write something.

    Cuz that would be unfortunate. And maybe a little embarrassing. You’d be lying there and declining help from strangers because you’re sure your friends will show up at any moment to help you up and back on the wagon.

    Yeah, so if you are stuck… send someone a text. Or have the hubby twitter. We’ll be sure to see you there…

    Or, you know, if you are liking the new home under the wagon you fell off of you can stay there awhile longer, too. We’re just ready whenever you are.


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