you picked me {10 years and counting}

So, before we engage in this whole “month of twitter”, I finally finished the video from our 10 year dating anniversary trip to Niagara Falls this past November…’bout time, I know.

Yeah, I kind of like my slice…just a little…


Worlds colliding in three simple thoughts

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Thought #1: It seems as though it is much more difficult to purge my thoughts onto this here modern medium for writer’s block, aka: the blogdom, blogosphere, errrr… world wide web. It may be attributed to fears of publicly exposing my inner-most feelings to the world, all the while looking for validation, comfort, humor or pity… and partly because there is a short supply of this valuable commodity in a single day called “time”.


Awkward segue to thought #2…Mark, my ever-so-wonderful main slice of cheese, has joined the world of twitter…what does that mean? I don’t know, but I do have a highly unutilized account with them – I have found it’s too high maintenance for me – Facebook and blogging are independently counterproductive, addictive and time consuming. Ergo, adding one more social-networking piece to my life may make this more of a painful obligation than a stimulating creative retreat.


Final thought #3: Although I do have aforementioned twitter account, which I regrettably haven’t opened since last summer, I have decided to have a few weeks of trying it via…my “month of twitter” will have its debut soon, where I will make updates like I would on said site and see where it goes from there…only time will tell.

Alece & de’Cath [part 3]

One adventure leads to another, I suppose.

It feels as though our trip to Boston and Kansas are years away…memories have begun to pile up with lovelies from this wonderful world called blogdom. Meeting Miss Mandy Mac and Alece in the spring for our first EVER blogger encounter and the subsequent rendezvous with the taminator, kristiapplesauce and yet another junction with Miss Mandy Mac just weeks later.

…well, you must have expected a follow-up video, I’m sure. So, don’t say I don’t deliver! Here you go!!!

Alece & de’Cath…yes, I know I’m spoiled!


So, with our Alece just 2 hours away, we just had to see each other! And since just leaving you with that would be plain old mean, we decided to let you have a few minor glimpses into our day…

of course…some good ‘ol flaughter…


and YES, there will be more to come… but no cheating!!!

I soooo love this girl! She makes my heart sing! Love and encouragement exude from her. Moments of silence lead to unshakable laughter…nix that…we were TOTALLY shaking!

A friend who shares my heart, my joys and sorrows…and even my eyes! Sheesh…I just love her!