grabbing inspiration by the horns [a disclaimer & a warning]

We’re looking at a new year, a new start and a new look at [’tis the season, right?].

I’m feeling ever so refreshed by and appreciative for your faithfulness and encouragement over the past few months – ’twas like energy, serenity and marshmallows all in one fell swoop!

I’m very well aware that my artistically expressive side has had a bit of a lobotomy this fall/winter. Hopefully, this metaphorical drive into my secret chamber of creativity will prove fruitful in the coming weeks.

I’ll have you know there’s progress … one blissful trigger that recently ignited the flame of imagination was a round of photos with none other than Kalia and Brendan from Kalia Lily Photography. We’ve been friends with Kal and Brendan for a few years and always make it a point to visit them when we’re in town. On our most recent visit, we went for a ride through good ‘ol SoFla for a brisk rendezvous with the expressive arts.











[more to come…]

Kal shoots weddings, maternity, couples, destination shots…you name it, she’ll find a way to make you want to re-shoot your senior photos and renew your vows!
Visit her site.
Read her blog.
Book her.


18 thoughts on “grabbing inspiration by the horns [a disclaimer & a warning]

  1. i cannot even tell you how much i love those pictures. and the new look here at

    and honest? do i really get to see your gorgeous self live and in person tomorrow? be still my beating heart.

  2. Crimenitely, girl… that’s one fantastic photo shoot. Helps that you guys like each other a little… it definitely translates. 🙂

    Good to have you back!

  3. oh lece…tomorrow feels like years away!!!! [p.s…someone is working on our roof right now, and it’s freaking me out!] Anyway, I’m about to belt out the tune from Annie…but I’ll resist…the construction guys already think i’m nuts!

    Hey little gitz!!!! Thanks! It’s true…I kind of have a bit of a crush on that man of mine! just a little.

  4. Whoa…. WOW…

    These pictures are out of a movie right? Like stills are something..

    These are amazing.

    Hot and sexy for sure!!

    • thanks melissa! seriously, they do MAGIC w/ photoshop these days! I wish I had that capability in real life! Yep, that would be my superpower…a bit superficial, but hey, we all have our guilty pleasures…and mine is a hollow, cosmetic creation…but i LOVE it! 🙂

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