Alece & de’Cath…yes, I know I’m spoiled!


So, with our Alece just 2 hours away, we just had to see each other! And since just leaving you with that would be plain old mean, we decided to let you have a few minor glimpses into our day…

of course…some good ‘ol flaughter…


and YES, there will be more to come… but no cheating!!!

I soooo love this girl! She makes my heart sing! Love and encouragement exude from her. Moments of silence lead to unshakable laughter…nix that…we were TOTALLY shaking!

A friend who shares my heart, my joys and sorrows…and even my eyes! Sheesh…I just love her!


15 thoughts on “Alece & de’Cath…yes, I know I’m spoiled!

  1. hi ‘lece!!!! I like that I can “see” you whenever I want! But I’m ready for another trip – it’s less than 1 tank of gas to see your face!!!! You’re worth the gas…wha?!?!

    Heidi! I’m so glad you got the same effect from the video that I did!!! I’ve seriously watched it at least 20 times since i made it last night!!!

    Kristi!!! You sooooo should have been there w/ us!!!! I remember that we have the same “-ing” issues. I could have used your moral support in this induction video!

    what-said…I like doing things for the sake of “just because” too!!! I believe it’s a perfectly good and appropriate justification for doing random things…like emphasizing letters! ‘Tis true!!!!

    And miss mandy mac…i just love you.

  2. Oh my heavens to Betsy… you two are too freaking cute. I went to Vimeo and watched the Commonalities video. Thought I was going to wet my pants laughing. You two being happy just makes me happy by accident. Love it.

    (totally the same comment I left at grit, but it’s so true. You two just make a girl smile.)

  3. you guys are too cute…the video clip made me laugh and smile. thank you! Alece is a fun friend of mine as well, though we don’t get nearly enough time together…you’ll have to ask her about our crazy baboon story. ya.

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