Alece & de’Cath [part 2]

as our day progressed, Alece and I continued to unveil multiple commonalities, hence amplifying the energy and already extraordinary bond between two “old-at-heart” ladies…

Meet Gertrude and Geraldine…


12 thoughts on “Alece & de’Cath [part 2]

  1. We had to choose different names in our Spanish class in high school (I have no idea why… apparently our own names weren’t Spanish enough) and my friend and I thought it was ridiculous. So I chose Gertrude and she chose Agnes.

    I had a lot of fun being Gertrude that year… hope it lives on with you, chickie 🙂

    And for the record, naming myself Gertrude is the only information I retained from Spanish class that year. Beyond “hola” I’m totally screwed.

  2. Seeing you kids laughing and giggling the last words I would use are “old-at-heart”. The rest of our bodies can age, but never our hearts.

    I can totally see you guys at 90 still having a great time in each other’s company.

    Love the videos.

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