Worlds colliding in three simple thoughts

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Thought #1: It seems as though it is much more difficult to purge my thoughts onto this here modern medium for writer’s block, aka: the blogdom, blogosphere, errrr… world wide web. It may be attributed to fears of publicly exposing my inner-most feelings to the world, all the while looking for validation, comfort, humor or pity… and partly because there is a short supply of this valuable commodity in a single day called “time”.


Awkward segue to thought #2…Mark, my ever-so-wonderful main slice of cheese, has joined the world of twitter…what does that mean? I don’t know, but I do have a highly unutilized account with them – I have found it’s too high maintenance for me – Facebook and blogging are independently counterproductive, addictive and time consuming. Ergo, adding one more social-networking piece to my life may make this more of a painful obligation than a stimulating creative retreat.


Final thought #3: Although I do have aforementioned twitter account, which I regrettably haven’t opened since last summer, I have decided to have a few weeks of trying it via…my “month of twitter” will have its debut soon, where I will make updates like I would on said site and see where it goes from there…only time will tell.


16 thoughts on “Worlds colliding in three simple thoughts

  1. ok. so why dont you just put one thought a day out on twitter?

    ive actually come to enjoy twitter more than blogging. its weird, but i have. its less demanding. the people of the blog arent demanding, its the self expectation of posting something worth reading and meaty enough to warrant a length of time that feels demanding. whereas a 140 character thought on twitter, be it funny or insightful, is short and to the point. and surprisingly, there are a lot of people who like it that way.

    i do miss you tho. a lot. a lot a lot.

    i bet you smell good too.

  2. You can link twitter to update your Facebook account so I find I spend less time on Facebook. I can update twitter from my phone so it takes less of my already precious time. Look forward to your “tweets”

  3. I didn’t link my twitters to facebook because they only randomly come up and sometimes they don’t make sense out of context. But I do love twitter for the little moments of connecting with friends without the pressure of feeling like I But for me it could never replace blogging because I like using a lot of words. In case you hadn’t noticed that by now. I can tend to ramble sometimes. For no reason. At all. Just so I can say a lot of words and take up a lot of space. I think it comes from being the youngest of six kids and never being able to get a word in edgewise. Yeah, I think that was enough talking for one comment.

    I’ll read your tweets wherever you post them. Just post. 🙂

  4. now wait, wait, wait…this is the TEST to see if twitting is in my near future…just a test. If no one is harmed during this TEST, we may consider the addition of the twit to this already crazy life…but good thoughts, ramsey…I’ll def keep that in mind!

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