you picked me {10 years and counting}

So, before we engage in this whole “month of twitter”, I finally finished the video from our 10 year dating anniversary trip to Niagara Falls this past November…’bout time, I know.

Yeah, I kind of like my slice…just a little…


10 thoughts on “you picked me {10 years and counting}

  1. i think my favorite line was: “i’m really glad i went before i left.”

    you two are so cute, and i love seeing how loved you make each other feel.

    (and i even love love love the song you chose!)

  2. ha! the whole bathroom experience was true! We ended up pulling over, and i squatted behind a building! Now THAT takes talent…sara…i hope this doesn’t ruin the whole cuteness factor!

  3. that rainbow was amazing! then a DOUBLE rainbow. brilliant!! God has blessed you both with such an incredible love for one another. it gives the rest of us hope (at least it does me). xo
    (p.s. me and my teeny-tiny bladder have way too many of those emergency bathroom moments; having to go while hiding behind a dumpster outside, random creepy grimy gas stations where i might as well have gone outside b/c i refused to sit on the seat, running blocks in portland- in tears- until i finally got to a sub shop only to be told “customers only” then having to buy a drink/chips/sandwich i didn’t want just so i could use the bathroom, etc., etc.)
    tmi.. sorry…

  4. oh taminator…tu ‘she!!!!! let’s be friends!!!

    ha, marjie!!! I felt so fortunate that there were some strategically placed boards that served as a faux seat…it was quite nicer than most public potties…you know, i do the hynie-halo on every toilet I ever use except my own…even friends and family! So glad we have this in common!!!

    mandy mac…yep, this was one of the trips…no worries, we’ll have more opportunities, I”m sure!

  5. WOW…that was so like, ” Serendipity” like:) You guys belong together:)
    Niagara falls….wow…I loved loved loved that rainbow and am jealous that you were there during it! Happy Anniversary to you guys:) Be Blessed:)
    Let me know the schedule this week, and I’ll give you a call:) later.

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