a prelude to Twit


Initiating my “month of twitter” should include a paltry prelude…a prelude to Twit, I suppose.

For simplicity’s sake…since I’m all about simplicity, of course… and for those of you who are unversed with the world of Twitter, Twitter says it best, when it says:

At Twitter, we ask one question, “What are you doing?” The answers to this question are for the most part rhetorical. In other words, users do not expect a response when they send a message to Twitter… you can step in and out of the flow of information as it suits you and it never queues up with increasing demand of your attention.

Ergo, in 140 characters or less, you update others from the most minute details to the covert elements of your life…where else can you generate a full conversation in 140 characters or less?!?!

Additionally…I have also found that in Twitterland, it is socially acceptable to call you friends, foes or followers “Twits” or “Tweets”.

So, here initiates my “month of twitter”, fellow tweets and pseudo-twits!


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