month of twitter | 2



antacid works like a comb-over, it only fools the bald one and only for a moment…i’m feeling quite bald.


5 thoughts on “month of twitter | 2

  1. As the part in my hair became wider and wider I am glad I did resist the idea of a comb-over. I can’t think of many things that can make a man look more ridicules than a comb-over.

    It is hard for me to take any man seriously when they use a comb-over.

    Retirement works a lot better than antacid for an upset stomach. It was amazing how quickly my stomach felt better.

  2. hey ed…i’m only 37 years away from that antidote!!! I’ll try to keep that in mind when the time comes though!!!

    oh alece…i’m facing perpetual stomach issues – other than our “normal junk”, I have major indigestion, and rolaids are acting as a current staple in my life.

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