month of twitter | 17, 18……

month-of-twitteri’m ready to place my immune system in bubble wrap…but i’m afraid I’d be chased by those compelled to chase me down and pop me


6 thoughts on “month of twitter | 17, 18……

  1. I think you immune system needs some duct tape, that stuff can fix anything.

    For years I thought it was called duck tape.

    I am going no where near that bubble wrap popping comment.

  2. ed!!! That was such a MacGyver comment!!! Add a gum wrapper and a swiss army knife and you can get out of an army bunker with your hands strapped behind your back!

    oh lece…we really ARE destined to hug!

    and taminator…I’ve so been there! One year, we wrote memories on little sheets of paper and wrapped them for christmas. It was one of the best christmas mornings ever! Wow…i just sounded like little Timmy…so, how’bout that howwme towwne chickn’ n’a’ biskut crackers, eh?

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