month of twitter | 24


catch up < or = ketchup


4 thoughts on “month of twitter | 24

  1. When I spell it it’s ketchup. When I say it it’s catch-up. Are there really “57 varieties”?

    The only thing I put ketchup on is a hot dog. Some weird people put the stuff on everything, like eggs and french fries. 🙂

    Ketchup also makes good fake blood. Then my mother would have to run to catch up with me.

  2. and you are soooo right, little ‘lece! I was indeed talking about our wonderful conversation – you are so good for my heart!

    ed…you never, ever disappoint me in your comments. never! I love every single one of them!

    taminator…kind of surprised you didn’t say “oreos”…can oreos be a condiment after all?

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