lessons from twitter: How’s your neighbor’s navel?

month-of-twitterAs much as Twitter has proven to be yet another medium of electronic navel gazing, I’ve found it to be quite an effective way to reflect on day’s activities, emotions and random wanderings of the mind. I must also add that staring at my friend’s said navels has given me the chance to glimpse into moments of their days, staying grossly connected via this outlet, errr, umbilical cord of connection. I’ve heard about my friend’s new job, another friend’s family illness and remedial methods to healing, the music endeavors of another and the weekend adventures of yet another.

This Month of Twitter has shown me that even if I feel isolated during an illness, overwhelmed during constant change, busy making memories with family or merely enjoying random moments of down time, I can revel in the brain children of my friends all in 140 characters or less.

So, I must ask, how’s your neighbor’s navel?


14 thoughts on “lessons from twitter: How’s your neighbor’s navel?

  1. 🙂 Twitter…oh, I wonder how many people have deleted me off of FB, because I have random twitterthoughts so much.
    Whatev:) Who cares:)

  2. i dunno nothin’ ’bout no twitter
    i am officially a fog
    friends are still trying to talk me into face book
    i dont even let my kids text
    sheesh, i have got to figure this stuff out
    now i dont have time to comment because i have to do some tech research



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