why love more when you can love{less}

if i’ve learned anything from my 10+ years with my main slice of cheese  it’s that in order to love more, i need to love{less}


lessons learned on the job search journey: the paper trail

hire meAs we gather courage on this job search journey, we may choose to pull out the safety scissors and create a strand of paper people, not unlike the cutouts of yesteryear with each appendage attached to another – well maybe it’s nothing like the cutouts – Nevertheless, this vellum version of ourselves, aka The Resume, allows us to reproduce our accomplishments for the world to see.

So, let me share my limited nugget of knowledge…since I’ve taught Career Development in the past, I have a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • As much as you want to “embellish”, please, please refrain. An embellished resume is much like wearing a prom dress while bobbing for apples – you look nice but in the end, you merely look like a dressed up dipstick
  • Spelll chek is on off the moste valuble tules invented. Us it!
  • You may want to reconsider including your first job as a Quality Assurance Assistant for the deodorant company 
  • Finally, if your resume requires more paper than that which was needed to record the Spanish Inquisition…consider revising.
  • p.s. don’t run with scissors. 

lessons learned on the job search journey: the goodie bag

hire meEvery trip deserves a good grab bag of goodies.

Note…the job search grab bag should include the following:

A handful of power words like “chief”, “sole” and “momma’s boy”

8 oz bottle of gumption to keep well hydrated. Remember, 20 minutes in an interview, a lifetime in a landfill.

First Aid box with an extra shot of humble pie

A trail mix filled raisins, m&m’s and all the wonderful lovelies of your own personal peanut gallery

Your map should not only include where you are, where you’re going but also instructions to remove your blindfold.

ode to joj…

joj & c3

It does seem cliché to write a little ditty about my mom on mother’s day. That’s why I’m writing it an hour before mother’s day. 😉

My mom was “mom” throughout my early years [good glory, I feel like gertie saying that!]…she was only “mother” when I was either mad or embarrassed, and sometimes it replaced a different choice word. My mom became “joj” sometime during college when it was safe to delve into a different side of our relationship – friends.

I find myself saying things joj says, like “you know?” at the end of a sentence.

I find myself doing things joj does, like organizing my planner when nothing else in my life is in order.

I find myself sitting with joj finishing each other’s….

I also know that joj forgets things sometimes…I may or may not be following her steps in that one…but I can’t remember….

all adds up to one amazing day!

joj & c3

Well, the day has finally come…

across the stage!

68 credit hours

900+ internship hours

1200 honorary trips to St. Big Bucks

40 papers

15 presentations

5 exams

1 clinical board exam

multiple sleepless nights (too many to count)

1 stalwart support of friendship

252 tears

4 amazing professors

2 kittens

1 fantabulous slice

Tonight, we celebrate the culmination of progress…I say “we”, for graduation is never merely a celebration of one solitary person or one isolated event – it is the commemoration of all persons and events that helped create a successful ending to the adventuresome journey.

Accomplishment is not a one-man feat.

Cathi w/ niece & nephew

joj, daddy & c3

my slice and me

Can I hear a woot-woot?!?!!!!