ode to joj…

joj & c3

It does seem cliché to write a little ditty about my mom on mother’s day. That’s why I’m writing it an hour before mother’s day. 😉

My mom was “mom” throughout my early years [good glory, I feel like gertie saying that!]…she was only “mother” when I was either mad or embarrassed, and sometimes it replaced a different choice word. My mom became “joj” sometime during college when it was safe to delve into a different side of our relationship – friends.

I find myself saying things joj says, like “you know?” at the end of a sentence.

I find myself doing things joj does, like organizing my planner when nothing else in my life is in order.

I find myself sitting with joj finishing each other’s….

I also know that joj forgets things sometimes…I may or may not be following her steps in that one…but I can’t remember….


6 thoughts on “ode to joj…

  1. I remember your other sweet sweet post to your mom, on the day that I found your blog & went reading through week after month after… sheesh. It was for her birthday or something. And y’all wrote her a letter.
    She’s so loved! 🙂

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