lessons learned on the job search journey: the goodie bag

hire meEvery trip deserves a good grab bag of goodies.

Note…the job search grab bag should include the following:

A handful of power words like “chief”, “sole” and “momma’s boy”

8 oz bottle of gumption to keep well hydrated. Remember, 20 minutes in an interview, a lifetime in a landfill.

First Aid box with an extra shot of humble pie

A trail mix filled raisins, m&m’s and all the wonderful lovelies of your own personal peanut gallery

Your map should not only include where you are, where you’re going but also instructions to remove your blindfold.


13 thoughts on “lessons learned on the job search journey: the goodie bag

  1. More items to think about for your grab bag:

    Wires in your mouth to keep smiling no matter how much of an idiot the person interviewing you is.

    A list of every friend you have ever had to use as a reference on your job apllacation. It will help if they can lie really well.

    A exercise hand thingy so you can develop that “firm” hand shake.

    You do not need to sell your “soul” for a job, but you might want to consider renting it out for the right price.

  2. ed….we should totally co-write on this here blog…for you, my friend, are a genius!!!! Let’s sell this stuff, make lots of money, and I won’t have to worry about said job search ever again!
    Officially taking my name out of the “supplement your income here” bowl at the chinese joint down the road

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