lessons learned on the job search journey: the paper trail

hire meAs we gather courage on this job search journey, we may choose to pull out the safety scissors and create a strand of paper people, not unlike the cutouts of yesteryear with each appendage attached to another – well maybe it’s nothing like the cutouts – Nevertheless, this vellum version of ourselves, aka The Resume, allows us to reproduce our accomplishments for the world to see.

So, let me share my limited nugget of knowledge…since I’ve taught Career Development in the past, I have a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • As much as you want to “embellish”, please, please refrain. An embellished resume is much like wearing a prom dress while bobbing for apples – you look nice but in the end, you merely look like a dressed up dipstick
  • Spelll chek is on off the moste valuble tules invented. Us it!
  • You may want to reconsider including your first job as a Quality Assurance Assistant for the deodorant company 
  • Finally, if your resume requires more paper than that which was needed to record the Spanish Inquisition…consider revising.
  • p.s. don’t run with scissors. 

6 thoughts on “lessons learned on the job search journey: the paper trail

  1. If I ever need anything written, read, sorted through, revised, thought about, copied, pasted (or glued), ripped, folded, or otherwise noted I am totally coming to you. You are brilliant and I love your use of words. Thank you for making my whole life brighter. I love you for being a bright spot.

  2. well, i’m glad you consider me a bright spot instead of a black hole. The idea of being a human vortex is kind of intimidating. kind of.
    and btw…i’d be happy to write, read, sort, revise, think, copy, paste, glue, rip, fold, and otherwise for you, my beloved friend!!!! ANY TIME!!!!

  3. pshh-aw!!!! I knew it boiled down to something! Glad we located it – i’d hate to bring out the search party for that one! 🙂
    can’t wait for next tuesday, my love!!!!! my pasty bod in a hundred person watering hole…oh glory!

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