And the {emphasis} goes to….

{FINDING} your way

i.e., One discovers and/or recovers the guide intended for a pilgrimage or voyage. Antonym: one has lost or misplaced his/her path or direction

finding {YOUR} way

i.e., one begins to attribute a course of life to his/her personal journey. An acceptance or reception, an affirmation of choices made

finding your {WAY}

i.e., rather than treading water or retreating, one finds awareness and passion in the portage trail of life. Indicative of positive direction and accurate orientation that leads to discernment and joyous fulfillment

{video ht:}


3 thoughts on “And the {emphasis} goes to….

  1. gah! something happened and i can’t see the video. not just that it won’t play… but i can’t even SEE it at all. just a blank spot there in your post. wonder if the problem is with my PC or firefox or wordpress or youtube. hmph.

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