the vulnerable valiant {revisited}

“Surely what a man does when he is taken off his guard is the best evidence for what sort of man he is…”
C.S. Lewis/Mere Christianity

…thus, the importance of vulnerability. There seems to be a marriage between integrity and vulnerability that is both beautiful and terrifying.

I’m falling in love with my slice more and more each day by seeing the Valiant, who chooses to show his weaknesses to the one he loves, neither to correct them nor create small moments of pity but to show his humanity and the beauty of his Redeemer.

mark skyline


5 thoughts on “the vulnerable valiant {revisited}

  1. I really love how you think so deep like me:)
    Seriously, are we going to be looking forward to coffee and talking for like 12 hrs about everything:)
    So excited to be closer then I am now!:)

  2. Such beautiful words. Integrity truly is a marriage with vulnerability. We have but our values and principles to live by and doing it so openly can only make a person better, vulnerable yet simple and simply human.

  3. this is an old post that I accidently found on a search through my blog…it was more than appropriate for what my slice is going through right now. I’m seriously beyond blessed

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