lessons learned on the job search journey: order, order

While we’re gallivanting through the dandelion fields of the job search – sometimes it’s winsome and aesthetically arresting and other times it is just a composition of atrocious allergens – we need to maintain some kind of order, discipline and routine in this paradox.

I have two suggestions (maybe three…when I get going, it’s hard to stop):

First, you should consider keeping track of the applications you submit, so you don’t end up sending 3 applications to the same spot for each of your personalities. This may not be the steps to success you initially intended to accomplish – It would just give me a little job security in the mental health field…on second thought… 😉 Nevertheless, I ended up creating a spreadsheet that includes the position, location, contact information and date applied, which I also color code according to when I annoy contact the HR associates for updates.

Second, you may consider creating a file of templates on your computer. Although each resume and cover letter should be catered to the specific position you want, if you have templates to use, you don’t have to start from scratch every time…kind of like using a play dough form: use it for the basics, but the creativity comes after you pop it out of its shell!

And the third (you knew it was coming)…to alleviate the associational anxiety of the folder ominously titled “JOB SEARCH”, consider renaming it something you like. My (job search) folder is named “cotton candy”. Who doesn’t love cotton candy?!?!

p.s…you know you want to hire me (my not so subliminal message)


6 thoughts on “lessons learned on the job search journey: order, order

  1. i love your witty folder names. i think you called our reunion pics folder something about unicorns.

    i would just never remember what all my creative names are really referring to. so i stick with the ever practical boring ones.

  2. I like the cotton candy idea for your job search folder. Maybe you could get a job at the circus, I read Ringling Bros. is hiring.


    I have only had to hunt for a job once in my life. When I was laid off at the age of forty. In every case I got a job through somebody I knew, including after graduating from school, and when my military service time was up.

    Being drafted into the Army was one application I could not fail, no matter how hard I tried. 🙂

    Call up every one you know, everyone you ever knew, and ask them to call everyone they ever knew. Network, network, network.

    • ed…you, sir, are a genius! I actually took your advice today – and even told the people they could make copies to give to their friends’ friends! Thanks for the tid-bit!!! Here’s to a the networking climb in ’09

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