imo: flamin clarity!

Is clarity subjective?

As a firefighter can see through smoke and flames, can a trained eye see through the haze & chaos of life to find solace, purpose and direction?


IMO (i.e., in my opinion), I say Yes.

Sometimes it’s a different set of eyes that lend a new or even contrasting perspective. (Thanks momma joj)

Sometimes it’s a step away that provides freshness or renewed zeal. (Thanks priceline)

And sometimes it’s the smell of the smoke that induces or restores the ability to work well under pressure. (holy crow, is that smell of singed hair my cat?!? Special note: don’t let your cat smell lit candles.)

This post is not meant to encourage unattended use of matches. Watch your children…like my cats, i’m guessing they’re not fire retarded.


5 thoughts on “imo: flamin clarity!

  1. I say YES!, too… and am suddenly very happy that I don’t light candles in my house. The last thing my lungs need is a little dog-hair-singe-smell. [Oh, and he might not enjoy it either…]

    • yeah…one of our cats, ironically it’s Einstein, loves to smell lit candles. I’m not sure if it’s the flame, the smell or her stupidity. Either way, she has permanently curled whiskers.

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