Mondays w/ Marjie {a fully-caffeinated journey}

Granted, it’s been a good 8 months since our last Monday with our beloved Marjie. We can use a million excuses to surround our lack of time spent with friends, but I will dismiss my desire to protect my vitals and just leave it at “green is my favorite color”.

Just in case you’ve never been introduced or need a moment to get reacquainted, as stated in an earlier post, “Marjie’s an internet genius…yeah, Gore, I believe she invented the internet. Marjie can find everything and anything pertinent to life, laughter and the world. I’ve begged her to start blogging, but my blogging evangelism has come up short. So, until she gives in and becomes a blogger herself, I will share her brilliance w/ you via…so, what’s this week’s treasure?”

Well, since I share my affinity to coffee with many of the past and present heartbeats of the modern world, let’s rekindle this fond relationship with Marjie using one of my all-time favorite articles she has sent me…

(If you want to read the article, go here…otherwise, here are my idiosyncratic crowning moments of the caffeinated masterpiece…)


Imagine two persons, two bikes, and one huge ambition: 10 cafés, 10 macchiatos, one morning, by bike…from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

The author, Elisha Cooper, logs the adventure, giving location, time, flavor and mood. Cooper is not alone in his odyssey; he sets on this passage with an accomplice named Toby “(accomplice, n.-someone who helps you forget why you decide to do something in the first place)”. While they are fully aware of the preposterous-lack-of-locgic condition of this plan, they downed their first glass, mounted their two-wheelers-tablet in hand.

(Again, as to not pilfer the splendor of the full article, I will merely list the location, a snid-bit of the log and the recorded state of the macchiato and mood.)

#1 Café Grumpy

193 Meserole Avenue

9:42 a.m.

Our macchiatos—espressos “marked” with milk—arrive in demitasse cups. We drink them down. As we walk out to our bikes, I take some notes in my notebook.

The macchiato: creamy & delicious

Our mood: expectant

#2 gimme! coffee

495 Lorimer Street

10:13 a.m.

We taste and try to note the differences between our first drinks and these.

“Less cloying,” Toby says. “With a hint of earth.”

We have no idea what we’re talking about.

The macchiato: less cloying, with a hint of earth

Our mood: enthusiastic

#3 Café Regular

318a 11th Street

11:02 a.m.

Our macchiatos come in elegant porcelain cups. Everything in Café Regular is elegant and small, from the stamped-tin walls to the wood seats. The biggest thing in the store may be the owner’s ears, which jut out from either side of his head like saucers.

The macchiato: robust with a touch of trepidation

Our mood: elegiac

#4 Southside Coffee

652 6th Avenue

11:17 a.m.

The weather switches. Gray clouds looming to the west, a few raindrops. My arms pucker with goosebumps. Are the goosebumps from the macchiatos or from the weather? No idea.

The macchiato: potent, with an aftertaste of fear

Our mood: Oh the Glory of It All


We bike over the Brooklyn Bridge…

I clang my bell.

Toby yells, “Hup, hup, hup, hup!”

We barrel down the other side of bridge, scattering tourists like pigeons.


#5 Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

222 Front Street

11:58 a.m.

My handwriting is shaky—like that of someone trying to write on the deck of a boat in a storm.

The macchiato: bitter, followed by bitterness
Our mood:

#6 gimme! coffee

228 Mott Street

12:16 p.m.

WE’RE SHOUTING! People in this standing-only café can’t help overhearing us, like the guy with the dragon tattoo behind his ear.

The macchiato: full-bodied and !@%#*

Our mood: Diego Maradona

#7 Ballarò Caffè Prosciutteria

77 Second Avenue

12:41 p.m.

I try ordering the macchiatos in Italian but say something in French. I don’t speak either language.

Do you know what the saddest thing in the world is?


I don’t either.

The macchiato: forlorn, with a spot of irony
Our mood: East Rutherford, N.J.

#8 Ninth Street Espresso

700 East 9th Street

1:03 p.m.

We stare at the macchiato in front of us with no fondness. With a little animosity, in fact.

The macchiato: hello, enemy

Our mood: Poland, 1953

#9 Café Grumpy

224 West 20th Street

1:26 p.m.

We stumble inside…We share a brownie. We drink our macchiatos.

The macchiato: creamy & delicious

Our mood: expectant


Is it the free drinks? The fact that someone else made a decision they came to regret? The accumulation of elements? Whatever it is, our world improves. We have caught our second wind, if wind were caffeinated.

One stop to go.

We speed down 7th Avenue, peddling fast. Toby is in front, spinning with no hands, arms spread upward in victory.

He’s shouting, “I AM INVINCIBLE!”

Yes, Toby, you are invincible. But, that crosstown bus does not know you are invincible. Toby!


#10 Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

138 West 10th Street

1:41 p.m.

We burst through the door. Our bikes, which we forget to lock, stay outside. We order quick, drink our last macchiato, take no notes.

“We’re fine. We’re fine,” Toby says. “We are still. It’s the rest of the world that’s shaking.”

Tah-DAAAH! I get a jolted caffeine high just reading this! I like coffee…College was fun…Is that John Mayer…what would it be like to fly in a motorized hot air balloon…


3 thoughts on “Mondays w/ Marjie {a fully-caffeinated journey}

  1. i remember a time when i was awake so late, it seemed like i had a serious dose of caffeine once….but wait, it was just mandy

    (ok, two things…forget about the coffee, I really, REALLY sound DRUNK – I couldn’t spit one word out of my mouth! and the second thing…that video made me miss you more than a banana split while wearing elasti-band pants!)

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