“art for the sake of art. coffee for the sake of coffee.”

Speaking about coffee…

insomnia coffee

I actually went to undergrad with this guy. I feel inherently cool just for that mere association (confession: I actually was on a traveling singing team w/ him…seriously…ok. stop laughing). So, Tyler launched a coffee shop near Portland, Oregon. Insomnia Coffee Co. has the indispensable mission “Art for the sake of art. Coffee for the sake of coffee.” This mission’s backbone is founded on the history of The Craftsman Revolution, where the beauty, skill and handiwork of art was being threatened, rather cheapened, by mechanical hands and lackluster ambition for production rather than passion. This lead to an uprising of skilled artisans creating some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of art, unmatched to this day, which bear the latin inscription “Art for the sake of art”. Insomnia has taken that zeal and has tempered it to do the same with the art of coffee. Rock on.

With that said, check out Tyler’s Freepour Latte Art. This makes me want to grow wings, fly over, and use the caffeine jolt to change the world!


5 thoughts on ““art for the sake of art. coffee for the sake of coffee.”

  1. Wow. Food as art. Love it. It is amazing how a very creative person can make art out of anything.

    Of course the French and the Chinese know about the importance of “presentation”. We Americans tend to just pile up our food into an unrecognizable lump. 🙂

    I found the following site with some very interesting food creations.


  2. seriously, mandy mac, I’m thinkin that they get their customers by putting inspiration at the bottom of the mug…kind of like the popsicles that have the joke on the bottom of the stick and the punch-line at the top…sneaky!

    ed…we work on presentation, as Americans…what do you call the Happy Meal box!?!? That site was amazing…kind of made me think I might want to maybe think about cooking someday. 🙂

    • I want so me coffee w/ you too…the chocolate covered coffee beans aren’t even as wonderful w/o you!
      and the whole holding out thing…um…givin props to the element of surprise, i guess.

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