Satisfying the “Sweet Tooth”


Now that I’ve finished tucking all of my academic books into the bookshelves, I’ve become somewhat superficial with my reading, “Brain Candy”, one friend coined – and of course due to my affinity towards sweets, the name stuck!

I’m in need for a good read. So, rather than innately waltzing toward my stash of journals or sticking my nose in the astute authors of academia, I’ve recently decided to favor this ever-growing “sweet tooth” of mine and have turned my gaze to the children’s section of our library…my fingers danced across the bindings in pure nostalgic gaze, recalling the times when my mom (aka “joj”) used to read these stories to me while I would lie across her bed and stare at her mouth as she’d enunciate each word with the most beautiful precision. I remember hours upon hours of reading through C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series and Hannah Hurnard’s Hind’s Feet series, as I pictured each creature in my mind with the voices she’d prescribe each of them.

So, the decision was clear… I’m currently reading through a compilation of short stories artfully composed in the series called Grandma’s Attic by Arletta Richardson, all about the musings of a girl and her friend, authored by her granddaughter, who recalls these tales with the greatest of detail and childlike humor…and I’m loving every stinkin minute of it!


6 thoughts on “Satisfying the “Sweet Tooth”

  1. Children have such great imaginations, a wondrous world to spend time in.

    I love my library. I usually spend one day a week there.

    I favour mostly mysteries. I am currently reading a science book, Dr. Michio Kaku’s “Physics of the Impossible”.

    A child would probably have a better chance at understand the mindbogglingly world of modern physics, multi- dimensions and bubble universes, than me.

  2. I was just talking about the life of a book…how it’s meant to be shared.
    And I have to admit, I grew up w/ a library in our home…my mom has a slight obsession w/ books…we have nearly 5,000 books in our home now! Yeah…we like to read a little too 🙂
    Now about physics…I’ll leave that to a child genius any day! but you just impressed me w/ that nonetheless!!!

  3. I always complain about the child in me and that I need to be less naive and just grow up. But then I remember the dreams and imaginations I had. I was more a fairytale kind of kid, come to think of it I still am : )

  4. then let yourself run through the pages of your old books! It’s a life of nostalgia that never forgets the beauty in the “happily ever afters”. I will keep these books for the little “someday stegalls” we may have running around our house 🙂

  5. I thought about all the good work you have done with folks, are doing even in your meantime, and will do in your future role… nothing better than helping folks build their “tool boxes,” so for that I want to say thank you and am proud of you. While you’re reading your brain candy, maybe you would have a time to take a glance at this:

    I’ve been having some incredible ah ha moments – really gratful for mentors in my life helping me along the way. Hence, bless you for doing that for others!


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