when flannel graphs are subpar

just about 1 year ago, I actually walked out of the ICU, onto a plane, and met two of the most fantastical females EVER, my miss mandy mac and my heart’s friend.

Who knew how a few little words placed on a glowing screen day or night could cause such a great impact on a life to such an immaculate degree. Santa’s elves couldn’t even think of something this great!

This little video is a sneak peek of that initial moment. It is only a glimpse into the beauty of the grand phenomenon of finally meeting the faces behind the people you already know, putting skin onto what was once just a verbose jungle… then add a dash of hugs, one huge couch, multiple trips to the coffee shop, some pick n’ pay, boiled peanuts and smiles hidden in every corner. This was the definition of one fantastical weekend.


wisdom from the webernet via my joj {patience et. al}

sign off

Each piece of correspondence that leaves my hand to be received into the hand of another ends in the same way “do justly. love mercy. walk humbly.” It’s my life’s conquest and vision. If I could have it tattooed on the back of my hand or have it embossed on a shield that I could shoulder, I would (however, that may pose as future job placement issues…). Albeit, as much as I crave these statements to become a natural outpouring of the Cathi you see, they are not actions that I can just “will” to do. They must become a part of me-inhaling jointly with every breath I take, swaying with every step and stamped with intention onto every design and dream.

So. It’s there with me. On every email. Every letter. Everything.

Now, after an e/m I sent to my joj sharing our most recent craziness ad nauseum …this is the entirety of the response I received from her:

PatientlyWell said, my joj. Will do.

mondays w/ marjie…on friday {i quit}

so, marjie sent me this video a while back…I placed it in my archives for a special day. Hello, special day.

agreed, it’s not monday…however, today’s the day when I echo marjie in saying…

eventually, i may have to give up working with humans and work with animals instead.