when flannel graphs are subpar

just about 1 year ago, I actually walked out of the ICU, onto a plane, and met two of the most fantastical females EVER, my miss mandy mac and my heart’s friend.

Who knew how a few little words placed on a glowing screen day or night could cause such a great impact on a life to such an immaculate degree. Santa’s elves couldn’t even think of something this great!

This little video is a sneak peek of that initial moment. It is only a glimpse into the beauty of the grand phenomenon of finally meeting the faces behind the people you already know, putting skin onto what was once just a verbose jungle… then add a dash of hugs, one huge couch, multiple trips to the coffee shop, some pick n’ pay, boiled peanuts and smiles hidden in every corner. This was the definition of one fantastical weekend.


12 thoughts on “when flannel graphs are subpar

  1. i remember when this happened..so awesome! God really has pulled a lot of awesome eternal friendships together through the internet. I would say that although the enemy has a hold on the internet, God is still using it for good! 😉

  2. i got all nervousexcited and butterfly-y again just watching it. my hands were literally shaking. ha. what a wonderful moment to relive.

    and i’ve gotta say…

    i’m still so glad i was both y’all’s first.

  3. (and really? that was a whole year ago already??? man oh man… it doesn’t seem like it could be that long ago. and at the same time, it seems like we’ve been friends forever…)

  4. @darla: oh so true….these relationships are most definitely eternal. I’m uber blessed by the love I’ve experienced day in and day out from these fine ladies!

    @lece…oh my friend, it’s not only been a year, it’s been absolutely beautimous!

  5. i miss you guys! and, still, one of my favorite pics from that visit was when you and alece were on the couch and your arm was around me. remember that one.

    oh…and the little sneak peak of alece i got during our skype call. oh yah!

  6. it seriously opened one HUGE can of worms…every second of that trip was amazing! We even got breakfast in bed when drew went out to get us coffee and donuts.
    couldn’t have had one second of betterness to it!

  7. I remembered when this first aired and I cried (happiness of course) and it did it again.
    Real friendships just rock!!! that’s all I can say.

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