culture, the air we breath

Culture is so pervasive it is like the air we breath; we are completely dependent on it for a sense of meaning, order, and regularity in social life, but we are also usually unaware of its influence. And, like the cutting off air, if we were suddenly removed from our culture of origin and introduced into another culture, the limitations of our cultural knowledge would immediately become obvious. We might not know how to speak, act, or think in ways that make sense and enable us to accomplish our goals within the new cultural context.

Robbins S, Chatterjee P, & Canda E. (1998). Contemporary Human Behavior Theory: Critical Perspective
for Social Work.
Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon., pp. 122.


7 thoughts on “culture, the air we breath

  1. some people learn to juggle multiple cultures with ease, seamlessly transitioning from one to the next when needed.

    i think you’ll do just fine, my friend.

  2. @lece: thank you my friend. I’m learning how to breath all over again. Just to think how our lives will be in 60 days…just 60 days! Now, I’ll just need your measurements to make sure you’ll fit in the carriage 🙂

    @ed: yep. seems like your definition of culture is one of those that can be accepted in any life, except for those who are afraid of clowns (Coulrophobia), that is. 🙂

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