re{ this never-ending search for the quintessential utopia…home

holy hell

In one month, we will be piling Einstein & Archimedes into our car, a.k.a. “Miles” and traversing great terrain to reclaim our futures. Oregon…we may not be graceful, we may not be cool, but ready or not HERE WE COME!

So, this here re{post is one due to it’s incredible applicability to life right now…a cross country move most certainly makes one rethink the definition of “home”….

original post (august 1, 2007) 

Psalm 90.1 NLT
Lord, through all the generations
you have been our home!

“Lord…you have been our home”.
Moses is saying this…yeah, Moses…this is the guy who traveled in the desert w/ tons of complaining, foul, obnoxious and a bit overly dramatic people for 40 years. 5 hours in the car w/ 2 or more kids can make almost anyone wish tranquilizer darts came in travel packets. Talk about fanatical nomads!

So many of us are on this never-ending search for the quintessential utopia of places to call home…a place where everyone uses their blinker, gas is cheaper than $2/gal, pretentious people travel only in groups so they’re easier to hunt, and there is no need to go to the “other side” b/c your grass is already greener. So, what would happen if in my life, my parent’s lives and my future kid’s lives, we finally begin to realize that God has been our home…God, the majestic, the holy, the politically incorrect, the relevant, the sacred, and the one who shakes my core? Now, I think that’s a good idea.



13 thoughts on “re{ this never-ending search for the quintessential utopia…home

  1. i’m stinkin jealous!

    Sin or not i don’t care.

    Soon there will be twice as much reason for me to regret not being closer to Oregon.

    (Ok maybe 50% more if you count Kass and Kota. are we counting Kota as a ‘plus’? )

    Happy Trails 🙂


  2. count me in as jealous with Love! 😉

    I’m jealous for two reasons….
    1. I wish we lived CLOSER to Oregon
    2. I wish our trip there was the same time!!!!

  3. my ‘lece…isn’t it amazing how He takes determined words of lessons past and makes them more relevant today than ever expected…i don’t know how He does it, but I’m not complaining one bit.
    love you dearly. and am so happy that we can walk through these nomadic moments together

  4. welcome to oregon! i think it’s the best place i’ve lived! we have the mountains an hour one way, the beach an hour the other way, and a major city less than 1/2 hour!

  5. I am so stinking excited for you. Please email me any whatevers if you need anything. I mean, I know whatever. I am kind of limited in what I can do. But if I can help in anyway, I got your back. I can also, you know…pray. So if you got stuff you need prayer for, I can do that too. I heart you …so much.

    • the praying part is one of the pieces i’m needing the most…this anxiety over the subtleties and strategerie of the move keeps me awake until the wee hours of the morning.
      while this feels like we’re heading to the “promised land”…we’re encountering some big giants that are shading the milk & honey.
      and yes. i heart you so much too!!!

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