more than a name {august-bring on the heat}

August istock_000001754261xsmall-300x219

I’ve found that this one month holds more in its name than a german son after autumn’s feast.

It is a month of last minute calls to life in the haven of waning summer…last minute smores, last minute school shopping, last minute ambition to make something of 2009 before the rest of the year is taken captive by premature holiday decorations and reviving the world of tacky Christmas.

Bring it on, Hallmark! We’re ready to express gratefulness for lessons learned and the ability to make a beautiful thing out of the simplicity of a graham cracker, the goodness of a marshmallow, the impeccability of a piece of chocolate and a little bit of fire!


6 thoughts on “more than a name {august-bring on the heat}

  1. 2009 is more a neverending summer for me this year. After spending summer in the northern hemisphere I’m about to head home to the southern hemisphere and another summer. Following it with Christmas and New Year sprinkled with Hallmark. I reckon I’d swap it all for a block of cadbury chocolate : )

  2. @lece…don’t you want to initiate the holiday season 4 months in advance w/ a commemorative musical elvis ornament?!?!

    @liladreams…cadbury makes everything better! Happy Summers to you and here’s to keeping the travel industry in business!!!! 🙂

  3. Cookies, marshmallow and chocolate are never out of season. What changes is what we wash them down with, a cold glass of milk, or a hot toddy.

    “a german son after autumn’s feast.” Never heard that one before. My maternal grandfather was German (Hoffman) and the only month he talk about was Oktoberfeast.

    “Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” William Cullen Byrant

  4. oh ed…my favorite is that quote from Bryant is absolutely stellar!
    I also love that your grandfather has his place in this post…it’s a legend now!

    @tamminator…well, we can celebrate w/ some of the overpopulated christmas crap at the local dollar store!!! 🙂

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