You say “avocado”, I say “oohhh…mine”

There are some things you learn through your not-so-well-monologued wonder years that you don’t realize the implications until they punch you in the neck.

Today, I experienced what one may call a “knuckle-sandwich to the nape”.

I remember being maybe 11 years old—i.e., young enough when one hour feels like 3 episodes of Night Court and old enough to smell the onset of unavoidable-parental-induced humiliation.

We were driving in our well-loved Dodge caravan (was there any other? We once stuffed 17 kids into that baby blue convoy); it was my mother (aka “joj”) and the three of us girls heading home from either a sport event or ice cream…we rarely strayed from what we already confirmed was unequivocal goodness. And she spotted it! An entire 7-piece dining room set, impeccably staged in the tree lawn no more than 10 houses down from our own. She slowed down, inching her way to a complete halt as each of us girls unblinkingly stared straight ahead, knowing just what joj was thinking. “Out.” She says. “Each of you grab a chair, we’re taking this thing home!” She was so excited. We were so humiliated.

Walking the sidewalk as a pirate’s stilted plank, each step spitefully brimming with chagrin, the three of us girls grabbed a wooden chair and warily teetered the ten houses back to our home. We each walked this plank of degradation twice. Yes. Twice. And that night, we sat at our “new” kitchen table; thankful it was over and thankful that the experience was left in my callow.


So we’re here. 2009. A year full of politics and the effervescent mortality of Hollywood. My slice and I were driving back to the house after running errands in preparation for our much anticipated move….and what do we see just three doors down the road? Why yes, yes it was a set of vintage avocado green pleather dining chairs just perfect for our fantastic pedestal table. We walked to the neighbors, engaged in some hearty dialogue and peppered in the request to capitalize on the thing of beauty sitting idly on their tree lawn. Golden! Mark and I each cradled a chair and began the short journey back to the house. It is at this point, when armed with such banqueted delight that I recognized that while some call it “trash picking”…others might see it merely as “atypical design”.

we three chairs

one and only

me and my newest find


19 thoughts on “You say “avocado”, I say “oohhh…mine”

    • hey lece…you’re sooo right! I’ve been scouring the webernet for such a find. I was nearly breathless when we drove by them! Mark and I didn’t even have to say a word to each other!

  1. I am ABSOLUTELY jealous of your chairs. Totally.

    ps: I’m so glad I’m not the only person who is aware that her sense of time changed drastically as she entered adulthood. I remember when 1 week felt like 1 month. And now 1 month only feels like 1 day.


    • my mandy mac!!!! I’ll share them w/ you when you come to visit. promise!
      And yes…the weirdness lies in the dissemination of the minute. At one time, I remember counting to twenty in a corner and it feeling like forever…now, I’m staring life-change in the face, and it just won’t slow down enough for me to catch my breath!

  2. Great looking, comfortable looking, chairs.

    Trash picking is just re-cycling. Props to the Stegall family for doing your part.

    Growing we got our clothes from the “thrift shops”. If you want to pay a cheap price for well made, expensive, clothes go to a goodwill store in, or near, a wealthy town.

  3. I adore your chairs!! And I love getting stuff that others are getting rid of like that — one man’s trash…well, it is usually MY treasure! Reminds me of some velvety avocado green living room chairs I had in college. I still kick myself for getting rid of them.

    Nice find, indeed!

    • Thanks amanda…and we also went shopping just before this to get something from one of your posts that inspired me! It was that “A” in your little sewing room…I ran and bought an ampersand symbol…b/c it’s my favorite, of course…for a dollar…so i got three 😉

  4. Seems like it’s up to me to point out the ‘obvious’ about this post…

    (That everyone else was too polite to mention – never been a particular issue with me, being too polite) 😉

    You seem to be turning into your mother! 😉


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