I play favorites {what time is it again?}

who knew

I recently came across one of the best-written posts about time zones. Alright. It’s the only post I’ve ever seen about this causal delineation on this life-giving sphere of ours, but still…

…I have only known the zone affectionately declared as “EST.”  A zone where other time zones are upset when you twitter who won American Idol and Survivor and talk about the latest episode of The Office.  Yes, we are the ones who spoil your weeknight entertainment and turn your “Must See TV” into despair & detestation.  To other time zones, we are the ten o’clock news on your local fox station (Everything else is just history).

Alas, all other time zones are afforded the fine opportunity of celebrating New Years longer than those living in the land of EST and to that, I tip my streamered party hat and give a hearty blow on the party favor to you, my CST, MST & PST friend because even though we have the big ball in Times Square, you have the ability to party 1, 2 or even 3 hours longer than we do and when it’s 12:00AM on the east, your just starting to get your groove on in the west…

Friends, it just doesn’t get better than that.

And who is the wizard behind this epochly composed curtain of humanity and the timex?

Curious? Check out the complete post here


4 thoughts on “I play favorites {what time is it again?}

  1. Soon you too will know the misery of hearing the result of the ‘live’ sporting program you are about to watch being broadcast on the preceding news program from those Eastern States (OK, maybe that is more of an Australian thing)

    But you won’t be able to avoid those EC twitters who think a time zone is the limit you can park your car in without it being fined or towed. 🙂

    Unless you don’t twit, of course.

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