who needs the ab roller w/ neighbors like these?

ok, so we have neighbors.

we “knew” them before we moved here.

we love them like family now.

but seriously, people…it doesn’t get much better than this!





the st-odge family

and just a sneek peek into my barely-holding-my-bladder moments as we are added to the family ties…


when a little post won’t do

knock knock

I suppose you’re itching for an update and neither the homemade Benadryl nor the scattered tweets here and there aren satisfying you, eh? As I tend to avoid making me.com a venue for pretentious navel gazing, I do aim to please. So, here you go…

While we’re acclimating to beauty of Southern Oregon, sweet Oregon is welcoming us home. In the past week since we’ve arrived, we’ve learned much about its enchanting history, irresistible food & beverage, captivating culture, riveting landscapes, irresistible shops & boutiques, enthralling people, and coffee, coffee and more coffee. Right now, we’re just calling it plain old heaven!

We got the keys to our place and after we did our fair share of the happy dance, we began to perfect our mastery of the art of domestication. I’d like to believe everyone does a version of this when they get a new place…like sanitizing every corner, making sure every shelf is lined, and mentally placing each piece of furniture w/ precision. Yes, I said mentally, not because I’ve finally decided to publicize the fact that we have mental issues at this very moment, but because we’re still waiting for our belongings to arrive in the two separate loads from ohio and florida. Grrr. Let’s just say we’ve learned that moving companies are primarily in it for the green. No, not the eco-friendly-smell-the-recycled-cardboard-and-look-down-on-all-others-with-unmistakable-pioty “green”, but the all-i-care-about-is-your-money “green”(with a few minor exceptions to the rule, of course). So, here we lie, sleeping on the floor each night and finding our next-day’s clothing choices through scattered suitcases and miniature hotel shampoo bottles. We’re adapting like Chevy Chase on one of is uncanny adventures, but we’re really ready to “settle down” sometime soon. Nevertheless, while this is a major inconvenience, we’re making some major memories in the midst of it.


…more to come…

Twip #5 {Reno to HOME!!!}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

Woke up a bit disoriented this morning. Where are we again? Oh yeah, @markstegall & i will squat on new ground today!

The route We’re taking and the one our GPS named Mandy says to take aren’t necessarily the same. If we end up in Austin, it’s Mandy’s fault.

“Welcome to California!” couldn’t have said it better myself. Well i guess it could’ve said, “cotton candy this way”

On a 2-lane highway through northern cali. I feel guilty driving in a car and considering picking up a tandum bike for the rest of our trip

The pine, evergreen and fir trees are hugging the road like grandma’s handmade afgans… Abounding in history, love, good health and comfort

Forgetting september, & realizing our future, which may in fact be much like the present, will be better. P.s. These trees are GINORMOUS!

Staring into the inspiring and seductive eyes of mt. Shasta. If she were madusa, we’d be goners.

Got stuck w/ another flat in the middle of nowhere w/o cell service, flagged down a ranger named Mr. Hope. I’m surprised he wasn’t in a cape

LATEST NEWS: Victoria’s Secret revealed through Schuck’s auto Fix-a-flat!

@Inprogress…warning, i’m going to so squeeze your face when i see you TONIGHT! Oh, and you better warn the fam too-i can be quite brutal.

Seeing signs for southern oregon. The feel of home is nearly palpable!

Three miles to oregon!! Oh my stinkin glory!

Northern california…seems like the only good thing you’re missing is cell phone reception.

WELCOME TO OREGON!!!! Now to remember how to breathe…

@Inprogress, @inworship, @kotaincahoots & @kassincahoots…We’ll see your stinkin faces soon! Ahhhh!! I’m even freakin out hereI can’t believe this is our home. This place is beyond words. Beyond…

Winery 6 miles from our house. Not bad.


The hugs i just received were enough to make ringo smile and fierce enough to make you want to hold on for dear life!!!

Painting the town red w/ @inprogress et. al. And by that i mean, we’ve hit dinner, the #hodgelodge, band practice, and dancing w/ pandas! (author’s note: #hodgeclan)

We’re driving through OUR TOWN (no, not the play that i can only remember something about a ladder and a sunset)…our stinkin town!!!

@Inprogress, @inworship, @kotaincahoots & @kassincahoots…you’ve rendered me speechless. and that, my friends. is hard to do!

Twip #4 {salt lake city to reno}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

Reno, baby, ready or not, HERE WE COME!

All this salt is making me thirsty! Low & behold the meaning of “parched desert”. Just in case you were wondering too

Welcome to Nevada. And the first sign of life? Rainbow Casino, hitchhikers and their accompanying chihuahua.

We are now in our new “home” time zone. Time to adjust the car clock… If only they didn’t make that job so flippin complicated.

The only word that even comes close to this…Desolate. Beyond imagination. So don’t even try folks, it’s a waste of time

Our car, affectionately known as “Miles”, is summiting mountains like a trooper. I’m pretty sure He’s expecting something good in return.

Icon_lockA fantabulous roadtrip drive-and-dial w/ my heart’s friend, @gritandglory. Ain’t nothin much better than that!

2 venues we must hit upon our arrival…a pet groomer & a detailer- rapid environmental changes are making our cats shed like death leopard.

Sign reads, “Prison area, don’t pick up hitchhikers.” good thing i left my jordache jeans in ohio. pshew!

In a wicked wind storm, tumble weed & all! Wonder if this is where the Wicked Witch of the West originates… @catielady should know 😉

Survived the ominous duststorm unscathed…and feel stronger for it. Take that Mr. Sandman…I’ll see you in my dreams.

Why yes, our hotel IS 1 mile away from In-N-Out Burger. Score!

Destination Reno, NT: mission complete!

Guess who has a flat? Shut it… I said who HAS a flat not who IS flat. Thank you very much.

Dude at wal-fish found the culprit, removed it like your momma’s middle name, patched it better than jack sparrow, and now We’re good to go!

Twip #3 {cheyenne to salt lake city}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

On the road again. Wyoming, you have more motels than gas stations and remind me of old western reruns w/ squanto & quick silver.

Just marked my territory on some side road in wyoming, remembering the wisdom of the scouts: always pee downhill

You know you’re a serious driver when you require the electrolites of Powerade during a pit stop.

Crossing the continental divide. Moments like these make me wish i paid more attention in 8th gr geography.

Just stopped at a rest area that is a gas station, grocery store, inn and post office. Talk about multitasking at its greatest!

Just traversed though an under-the-mountain tunnel… Both beautiful and terrifying. I’m taking a moment of silence for this one.

Mountainous…skies…desert. Tweets don’t do this thing justice. So instead, Let’s skip the word pics & go straig to you being jealous 🙂

In Utah, and our tradition of kissing as we cross each state’s border never gets old. Eight times in the past 36 hours!

Hey Utah, Roadkill Cafe called and said thanks for increasing their inventory

Civilization! Don’t get mad, but i forgot you even existed.

Destination Salt Lake City: mission accomplished!

Out to mexican dinner in salt lake city w/ my slice, @markstegall. Hope he just asks for extra guac instead of an extra wife 😐

Twip #2 {iowa to wyoming}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

We witnessed utter beauty today. amazing country. amazing land. Today’s drive made me feel more American. I did take pictures, but I also did forget my cord to upload said pictures to share. This, my friends, will have to wait until we make it to our final destination. Until then, here are the tweets or “twips” of the day:

On the road again. Iowa, nebraska & wyoming… look out meriwether lewis & william clark, @markstegall & i are tag teaming & We’re a force!

Just experienced my first windmill farm! ginormous ecological beauty. Knocks the wind right out of you!

Feeling patriotic among these amber waves of grain! Sing w/ me now-My Country ’tis of thee… is it stuck in your head too? You’re welcome.

Nebraska! officially on the Lewis & Clark Trail, except this time We’re towing a cats & some *$ in a Fit rather than a teddy bear in a wagon

Driving through what looks like seer-sucker fabric of wheat, corn and some yellow organic anomalie.

In a recent text to my joj: “i know i’m your favorite. You can stop pretending now.”

Squinting throug a bug splattered window whilst muching on seedless grapes & skimming the picture pages of a magazine…truest of travel

We’ve just trotted from central time to mountain time. Do i have to say that with an accent to be taken seriously around there parts?

Ten mile detour just to wiggle our toes in the friendly colorado dirt

Just switched audio books to Chuck Klosterman. I admit that i lean in to hear the chime to turn the page as in the audiobooks of yesteryear

after 24hrs of roadtime, i believe i may have mastered the skill of handwashing using the auto-faucet w/o it abruptly shutting off mid-rinse

Like a metropoliptic siren, cheyenne leads us to somniferous feelings and glorious lodging. And w/ this, we retire.

Twip #1 {ohio to iowa}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

Since the last thing I want to do is compose a complex post once we reach our hotel destination each night on this journey westward…you get to read my tweets from the day. Enjoy.

Yep. Plain and simple. No squash or fluffy puppies necessary.

Goodbye boxes. I’ll see you on the flip side. And when i say “flip side”, i mean “We’re superfly”

I am now convinced that there is NOTHING harder than saying goodbye to my daddy dear darling and my joj. From this i will not soon recover.

First *$ stop of the first leg…Thanks for all the gift cards, friends. I know about unconditional love & all, but we love you more for it.

Hi indiana. Just wanted to inform you that your ramps are incredibly short. For this, i believe u should accomodate all cars w/ turbo boost.

Hello chicago. Hope you don’t kick me in the face, but it sure is fantastic to call your state “ill-in-noise”. Just sayin.

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain… Forget about the food (b/c we haven’t stopped for dinner yet), i have a crush on his vocabulary!

Who knew that a cross country roadtrip would result in a rekindling contact w/ one of the greatest families of my childhood.Lovin the Males!

So i quite clearly may have “gone” in the most beautiful rest stop in the nation. The things usually skeeve me, but iowa city, i’m impressed

Destination des moines, iowa…MISSION COMPLETE!