fyi: the sweet sorrow of parting once defined ain’t that sweet

farest theest wellest

Yet as we look at the past few hours of this day, we were blessed beyond measure through little parent-provided good bye party graced and peppered by our local loverlies. We had friends from grad school, life group, each church plant, professors, family and colleagues. It was amazing to see the people who have invested so dearly in our lives and offer them a hearty thank you and a fond farewell.

But just as a hug is not given w/o being received, here were some of the hearts we found in the notes that will accompany us on our journey westward:

May God continue to use you to touch people with His love. May He bless you as you move onto another season of your journey here.

God will continue to use you in amazing ways! You will be in our prayers.

Happy for you – Boo Hoo for us!

Your move is toward a bright future!

Like Audrey Hepburn —> you two will always be a legend.

I appreciate your ways of life. I’ve never known anyone like you…and mark.

You are 2 of the coolest people I’ve ever met. (yeah, I had to include that one for sure!)

“Whether you look aft or forward, the wind favors the sail that has a destined port.” ~anonymous

Wishing you happiness and love on your move…you will be missed.

Your job here is done – you’ve touched all of our lives and now you’re off to spread your goodness to others.

We all have been blessed that we were in your path.

“The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well; and doing well whatever you can do.” ~Longfellow

When you get to the northwest, breathe in that air, & kiss a fir tree for us. 🙂

Glad you’re stopping along the way in various cities…it will make this adventure all the more remarkable. Soak it all in!

You got your dream job! You will be in my thoughts & prayers as you start this next chapter in your lives!

“Adios!” – That’s Spanish for: SURE, go ahead & leave your friends, the only people who really care about you, fine, just take off!

And, hey, Oregon is beautiful to visit, right?

So, with these words,  some David Sedaris, Flight of the Conchords, a well-needed day planner, an epic Ohio calendar, original Zoe art, Lorna Doone Cookies, gift cards and yes, enough *$ to make it through Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming and viably fuel a Prius…just 2 more days…and we’re off!!!


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