Twip #1 {ohio to iowa}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

Since the last thing I want to do is compose a complex post once we reach our hotel destination each night on this journey westward…you get to read my tweets from the day. Enjoy.

Yep. Plain and simple. No squash or fluffy puppies necessary.

Goodbye boxes. I’ll see you on the flip side. And when i say “flip side”, i mean “We’re superfly”

I am now convinced that there is NOTHING harder than saying goodbye to my daddy dear darling and my joj. From this i will not soon recover.

First *$ stop of the first leg…Thanks for all the gift cards, friends. I know about unconditional love & all, but we love you more for it.

Hi indiana. Just wanted to inform you that your ramps are incredibly short. For this, i believe u should accomodate all cars w/ turbo boost.

Hello chicago. Hope you don’t kick me in the face, but it sure is fantastic to call your state “ill-in-noise”. Just sayin.

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain… Forget about the food (b/c we haven’t stopped for dinner yet), i have a crush on his vocabulary!

Who knew that a cross country roadtrip would result in a rekindling contact w/ one of the greatest families of my childhood.Lovin the Males!

So i quite clearly may have “gone” in the most beautiful rest stop in the nation. The things usually skeeve me, but iowa city, i’m impressed

Destination des moines, iowa…MISSION COMPLETE!


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