Twip #2 {iowa to wyoming}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

We witnessed utter beauty today. amazing country. amazing land. Today’s drive made me feel more American. I did take pictures, but I also did forget my cord to upload said pictures to share. This, my friends, will have to wait until we make it to our final destination. Until then, here are the tweets or “twips” of the day:

On the road again. Iowa, nebraska & wyoming… look out meriwether lewis & william clark, @markstegall & i are tag teaming & We’re a force!

Just experienced my first windmill farm! ginormous ecological beauty. Knocks the wind right out of you!

Feeling patriotic among these amber waves of grain! Sing w/ me now-My Country ’tis of thee… is it stuck in your head too? You’re welcome.

Nebraska! officially on the Lewis & Clark Trail, except this time We’re towing a cats & some *$ in a Fit rather than a teddy bear in a wagon

Driving through what looks like seer-sucker fabric of wheat, corn and some yellow organic anomalie.

In a recent text to my joj: “i know i’m your favorite. You can stop pretending now.”

Squinting throug a bug splattered window whilst muching on seedless grapes & skimming the picture pages of a magazine…truest of travel

We’ve just trotted from central time to mountain time. Do i have to say that with an accent to be taken seriously around there parts?

Ten mile detour just to wiggle our toes in the friendly colorado dirt

Just switched audio books to Chuck Klosterman. I admit that i lean in to hear the chime to turn the page as in the audiobooks of yesteryear

after 24hrs of roadtime, i believe i may have mastered the skill of handwashing using the auto-faucet w/o it abruptly shutting off mid-rinse

Like a metropoliptic siren, cheyenne leads us to somniferous feelings and glorious lodging. And w/ this, we retire.


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