Twip #3 {cheyenne to salt lake city}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

On the road again. Wyoming, you have more motels than gas stations and remind me of old western reruns w/ squanto & quick silver.

Just marked my territory on some side road in wyoming, remembering the wisdom of the scouts: always pee downhill

You know you’re a serious driver when you require the electrolites of Powerade during a pit stop.

Crossing the continental divide. Moments like these make me wish i paid more attention in 8th gr geography.

Just stopped at a rest area that is a gas station, grocery store, inn and post office. Talk about multitasking at its greatest!

Just traversed though an under-the-mountain tunnel… Both beautiful and terrifying. I’m taking a moment of silence for this one.

Mountainous…skies…desert. Tweets don’t do this thing justice. So instead, Let’s skip the word pics & go straig to you being jealous 🙂

In Utah, and our tradition of kissing as we cross each state’s border never gets old. Eight times in the past 36 hours!

Hey Utah, Roadkill Cafe called and said thanks for increasing their inventory

Civilization! Don’t get mad, but i forgot you even existed.

Destination Salt Lake City: mission accomplished!

Out to mexican dinner in salt lake city w/ my slice, @markstegall. Hope he just asks for extra guac instead of an extra wife 😐


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