Twip #4 {salt lake city to reno}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

Reno, baby, ready or not, HERE WE COME!

All this salt is making me thirsty! Low & behold the meaning of “parched desert”. Just in case you were wondering too

Welcome to Nevada. And the first sign of life? Rainbow Casino, hitchhikers and their accompanying chihuahua.

We are now in our new “home” time zone. Time to adjust the car clock… If only they didn’t make that job so flippin complicated.

The only word that even comes close to this…Desolate. Beyond imagination. So don’t even try folks, it’s a waste of time

Our car, affectionately known as “Miles”, is summiting mountains like a trooper. I’m pretty sure He’s expecting something good in return.

Icon_lockA fantabulous roadtrip drive-and-dial w/ my heart’s friend, @gritandglory. Ain’t nothin much better than that!

2 venues we must hit upon our arrival…a pet groomer & a detailer- rapid environmental changes are making our cats shed like death leopard.

Sign reads, “Prison area, don’t pick up hitchhikers.” good thing i left my jordache jeans in ohio. pshew!

In a wicked wind storm, tumble weed & all! Wonder if this is where the Wicked Witch of the West originates… @catielady should know 😉

Survived the ominous duststorm unscathed…and feel stronger for it. Take that Mr. Sandman…I’ll see you in my dreams.

Why yes, our hotel IS 1 mile away from In-N-Out Burger. Score!

Destination Reno, NT: mission complete!

Guess who has a flat? Shut it… I said who HAS a flat not who IS flat. Thank you very much.

Dude at wal-fish found the culprit, removed it like your momma’s middle name, patched it better than jack sparrow, and now We’re good to go!


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