Twip #5 {Reno to HOME!!!}

“Twips”, i.e.,  Twitters from our trip.

Woke up a bit disoriented this morning. Where are we again? Oh yeah, @markstegall & i will squat on new ground today!

The route We’re taking and the one our GPS named Mandy says to take aren’t necessarily the same. If we end up in Austin, it’s Mandy’s fault.

“Welcome to California!” couldn’t have said it better myself. Well i guess it could’ve said, “cotton candy this way”

On a 2-lane highway through northern cali. I feel guilty driving in a car and considering picking up a tandum bike for the rest of our trip

The pine, evergreen and fir trees are hugging the road like grandma’s handmade afgans… Abounding in history, love, good health and comfort

Forgetting september, & realizing our future, which may in fact be much like the present, will be better. P.s. These trees are GINORMOUS!

Staring into the inspiring and seductive eyes of mt. Shasta. If she were madusa, we’d be goners.

Got stuck w/ another flat in the middle of nowhere w/o cell service, flagged down a ranger named Mr. Hope. I’m surprised he wasn’t in a cape

LATEST NEWS: Victoria’s Secret revealed through Schuck’s auto Fix-a-flat!

@Inprogress…warning, i’m going to so squeeze your face when i see you TONIGHT! Oh, and you better warn the fam too-i can be quite brutal.

Seeing signs for southern oregon. The feel of home is nearly palpable!

Three miles to oregon!! Oh my stinkin glory!

Northern california…seems like the only good thing you’re missing is cell phone reception.

WELCOME TO OREGON!!!! Now to remember how to breathe…

@Inprogress, @inworship, @kotaincahoots & @kassincahoots…We’ll see your stinkin faces soon! Ahhhh!! I’m even freakin out hereI can’t believe this is our home. This place is beyond words. Beyond…

Winery 6 miles from our house. Not bad.


The hugs i just received were enough to make ringo smile and fierce enough to make you want to hold on for dear life!!!

Painting the town red w/ @inprogress et. al. And by that i mean, we’ve hit dinner, the #hodgelodge, band practice, and dancing w/ pandas! (author’s note: #hodgeclan)

We’re driving through OUR TOWN (no, not the play that i can only remember something about a ladder and a sunset)…our stinkin town!!!

@Inprogress, @inworship, @kotaincahoots & @kassincahoots…you’ve rendered me speechless. and that, my friends. is hard to do!


6 thoughts on “Twip #5 {Reno to HOME!!!}

  1. Did you mean things are always that way because Tam says so? or because things are Always perfect and we don’t argue with perfection?? 😉

    or both?

    just hoping to clarify a little. 🙂

    And in that Vein – Doesn’t your Main Squeeze have ‘OREGON’ written all over Him?? at least in the most recent photo anyways! 😉


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