when a little post won’t do

knock knock

I suppose you’re itching for an update and neither the homemade Benadryl nor the scattered tweets here and there aren satisfying you, eh? As I tend to avoid making me.com a venue for pretentious navel gazing, I do aim to please. So, here you go…

While we’re acclimating to beauty of Southern Oregon, sweet Oregon is welcoming us home. In the past week since we’ve arrived, we’ve learned much about its enchanting history, irresistible food & beverage, captivating culture, riveting landscapes, irresistible shops & boutiques, enthralling people, and coffee, coffee and more coffee. Right now, we’re just calling it plain old heaven!

We got the keys to our place and after we did our fair share of the happy dance, we began to perfect our mastery of the art of domestication. I’d like to believe everyone does a version of this when they get a new place…like sanitizing every corner, making sure every shelf is lined, and mentally placing each piece of furniture w/ precision. Yes, I said mentally, not because I’ve finally decided to publicize the fact that we have mental issues at this very moment, but because we’re still waiting for our belongings to arrive in the two separate loads from ohio and florida. Grrr. Let’s just say we’ve learned that moving companies are primarily in it for the green. No, not the eco-friendly-smell-the-recycled-cardboard-and-look-down-on-all-others-with-unmistakable-pioty “green”, but the all-i-care-about-is-your-money “green”(with a few minor exceptions to the rule, of course). So, here we lie, sleeping on the floor each night and finding our next-day’s clothing choices through scattered suitcases and miniature hotel shampoo bottles. We’re adapting like Chevy Chase on one of is uncanny adventures, but we’re really ready to “settle down” sometime soon. Nevertheless, while this is a major inconvenience, we’re making some major memories in the midst of it.


…more to come…


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