a crocodile’s skinned knees and a squirrel’s halo

My heart is finally at ease.

All has arrived.

Yes. Grasshopper has learned a hard lesson in patience.

home{photo courtesy of smiles and wonder}

now…to unpack.


16 thoughts on “a crocodile’s skinned knees and a squirrel’s halo

  1. I just now posted this on twitter…. but…

    there are the famous chairs!!! So glad you got your things…FINALLY! (I reeeeeeeeally dislike being without my stuff!)

    • love you too, sugar plum!!!!

      as for the cute boxes – i’m glad you said that b/c they had a complex from the multiple words i said to them as they kept on coming through the door…box after box after box after box….

  2. Great to read that all your furniture has arrived, and that now you can get settled into your new home.

    I see there are no halos around the cats. All they are interested in is your unpacking the can opener. Isn’t crabby the permanent state of mind of a cat?

  3. I’m glad your ‘patience’ has finally been rewarded. 😉

    Rewarded with trying to figure out the best places for all the stuff to fit in?? Hmmmm.

    i’m even more glad that for the majority of my 30 plus ‘moves’ i was single and had mostly just one room’s worth of books and furniture plus the kitchen stuff to play musical chairs with. (and no cats!)

    Have fun with the fairies, Lottie, Dottie and Mo 🙂 (not forgetting Mark, Einstein and ‘Socrates’?? too of course 🙂


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