re{ top 20 ways to come up w/ stellar blogging ideas {the vegetarian version}

well…seeing that blogging has been more of an afterthought of mine…after thinking about work, food, and of course, chocolate. I’m reposting these “you’re-cool-b/c-you-wear-your-hat-backward” ideas from days gone by to offer that good ol’ kick in the pants…or skirt for the lady in the audience…

[p.s…you should go to the comments from the original post…you guys are hillll-arous]

Do you find that even though throughout the day you say, “wow, I should really blog about THAT”, you actually get blank-page-phobia once you begin to write a post? Or you skip a few days b/c you feel there is nothing of which to write? Well, one of my favorite blogging resources, skelliewag.orgprovides an infinite array of how to’s, tips, ideas and inspiration for every type of blogger: the novice, the average and up through the veteran [to me, anyone who began blogging before 2004 is considered a veteran].
One of my most viewed skellywag posts endows its readers with the top 20 ways to come up w/ amazing blogging ideas. It embellishes each proposal, so if you want more meat than I’m providing in this vegetarian version of the post…go here. Otherwise, here they are…top 20 ways to come up w/ amazing blogging ideas:

  1. Carry a notebook.
  2. Keep a list.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Driving.
  5. Read a lot.
  6. Find inspiration.
  7. Listen.
  8. Find twists.
  9. Examine your life.
  10. Question everything.
  11. Trawls through fresh resources.
  12. Bounce stuff off others.
  13. Reader emails.
  14. Forums.
  15. Ask.
  16. Magazine rack.
  17. Look deep inside yourself.
  18. Learn from your mistakes.
  19. Be inspired by nature.
  20. Music.

As wonderful as these are, I’m sure there are others.
Time to outshine the stars, people!


7 thoughts on “re{ top 20 ways to come up w/ stellar blogging ideas {the vegetarian version}

  1. i’m house/dog/hamster/fish(!)/kid-sitting from thursday to tuesday. i’m sure there will be all kinds of blog fodder to be found…

    if i live to tell about it!

  2. by “bounce stuff off others” do you mean literally or figuratively? i’m just wondering because there was this one time i “accidently” hit my sister with a sprinkler while trying to cool her off with the water…

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